GM & Posco invest in CAM production capacities in Canada


General Motors and Posco are making an additional investment of more than US$1 billion as part of their Ultium CAM joint venture to increase the production of cathode active material (CAM) for electric car batteries in North America with a new facility.

The location of the new plant, which will produce cathode material and precursors for 360,000 vehicles per year, will be announced at a later date. GM and Posco had already begun construction of the cathode materials plant at Bécancour in the Canadian province of Quebec in 2022, as reported, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes of cathode materials for the batteries of GM’s Ultium electric vehicle platform from 2025. As was announced a few days ago, both companies will receive 300 million Canadian dollars in government support for this purpose.

“Increasing CAM production capacity and adding pCAM to our joint venture is another significant step in building a more secure and sustainable North America-focused supply chain to support GM’s fast-growing EV production needs,” said Doug Parks, GM executive vice president, of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. “We started by establishing battery cell production in the US. From there, we have been working through the entire battery supply chain, all the way to raw material recovery. We’re building higher levels of vertical integration, driving expanded investment and helping create jobs across North America.”

“We are experiencing rapid growth of the EV battery materials market across North America. I believe our joint venture will fortify its position in the secondary battery material industry with this proactive decision to increase CAM production and bring pCAM production to North America,” added Kim Joon-Hyung, President, POSCO Future M.

Posco has been steadily ramping up both production and supply contracts in the field of cathode active materials, as a deal with Samsung SDI was announced in February, preceded by the takeover of Tera Technos in July for silicon anode materials and an agreement with Britishvolt in the field last summer.


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