Vienna Fire Brigade purchases Rosenbauer electric fire engines

The Vienna Professional Fire Department is getting two electrically powered basic firefighting vehicles (BLF). The two Rosenbauer vehicles are equipped with a high-voltage battery with a capacity of 66 kWh. Two electric motors provide 360 kW of peak electrical drive power.

The vehicle is equipped with a 225 kW diesel range extender, which Rosenbauer calls the Energy Backup System (EBU), to operate the BLF during longer missions or during a prolonged power failure. The electric motors, by the way, come from Volvo Penta.

The vehicle is, at its core, a Rosenbauer RT. Rosenbauer has so far delivered 21 units of the RT (Revolutionary Technology) model worldwide. As vehicles are already in service in Berlin and Basel, there are now Rosenbauer RTs in the entire DACH region. The units for Vienna are based on the Rosenbauer RT 4×4 Basic Chassis. They are 7.80 metres long, 2.35 metres wide, 3.20 metres high and weigh 16 tonnes.

The Vienna professional fire department uses so-called assistance or tank firefighting vehicles. Since, according to the Rosenbauer announcement, it “successfully combines the characteristics of the two current firefighting vehicle types (rescue and tank firefighting vehicle)”, it is referred to as a basic firefighting vehicle. Specifically, 2,000 litres of water and 100 litres of foam concentrate are on board, and a water cannon is mounted on the roof of the cab. The electric engine, or the EBU, operate the built-in pump.

“Thanks to its high level of professionalism, the Vienna Professional Fire Brigade rightly ranks among the best emergency services in the world. By gradually switching to environmentally friendly vehicles, it is also making a contribution to a climate-neutral Vienna,” says Fire Department City Councillor Peter Hanke. “This is important because the commitment to the safety of the Viennese population also requires constant further development and the use of new technologies.”

Incidentally, the two Rosenbauer RTs are not Vienna’s first electrically powered fire engines: one was already put into service 120 years ago. This historic electric vehicle, which the Vienna Fire Brigade Museum maintains, is in running condition and was presented together with several other vehicles from the current electric vehicle fleet of the Vienna Professional Fire Department.


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