UK: Tesla lends drivers a hand

Tesla recently stopped making right-hand-drive models, offering only left-hand-drive models in the UK and other countries. And for some drivers, that is quite a stretch.

For them to still be able to i.e. pull a receipt at the car park or grab food at a drive-thru through the passenger window, Tesla now offers “The Reacher.” It is essentially a grabbing stick with a Tesla logo and a cooler name.

It seems comical, but many drivers are frustrated. After all, they had been waiting on a right-hand-drive Model S or X, only to see their order cancelled. When Telsa decided to no loger produce its Model S and Model X as right-hand drive models in May, they were then given the choice of a refund or downgrade to a left-hand-drive Model Y or Model 3. Those who stuck with their previously selected model even though the steering wheel would be on the wrong side, at least got a free Tesla accessory.

It is not clear how practical “The Reacher” really is. But some users already demonstrated how they have mastered bridging the gap between driver and infrastructure.,,


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