BMW Motorrad presents new electric scooter


With the CE 02, BMW Motorrad now offers a new electric two-wheeler for urban areas. It thus continues with its electrification strategy for the urban mobility market.

The new e-scooter has evolved from the Concept CE 02 presented in 2021 and comes in two versions: With a maximum power of 11 kW (nominal power 6 kW) and 95 kph top speed, and in a version limited to 4 kW (nominal power: 3.2 kW) and a top speed of 45 kph. In Germany, the bike will cost 7,500 euros (4 kW) and 8,500 euros (11 kW). In the US, the 4 kW variant is available from 7,599 dollars and the the 11 kW version from 8,474 dollars.

In Europe, the smaller version can be driven with an AM driver’s licence or a scooter licence, which can already be obtained at 15.

The BMW CE 02 has an external charger and a charging power of 0.9 kW, meaning it can be plugged into a household socket. The Highline variant is available with 1.5 kW fast-charging capabilities.

BMW emphasises that it is not an e-scooter nor an e-motorcycle, referring to the two-wheeler as “eParkourer”. The primary colour is black, while the Highline version is available with an “extroverted and colourful appearance.”

While the BMW CE 04 e-scooter with up to 31 kW is mass-produced at the Motorradwerk Berlin, BMW asked the TVS Motor Company in India to manufacture the CE 02, the Berliner Zeitung reports., (in German), (German market), (US market)


about „BMW Motorrad presents new electric scooter“
11.07.2023 um 20:56
Way too expensive for this product.
24.07.2023 um 19:05
I cant believe, BMW does this. They have the C Evolution on the market since 2014. It is brilliant, just needs an update on battery- and charging technology. Fix a couple of nuisances and Bob's your uncle! Instead they go the opposite direction. Except for the price. You get secondhand C Evo's that're cheaper, faster, more practical, less ugly, drive further, ...

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