Marelli presents new thermal management module for EVs

Automotive supplier Marelli unveiled its new integrated thermal management module iTMM for electric vehicles. The system combines thermal management for the electric drive, the battery and the vehicle interior in one component.

According to Marelli, this should enable a more compact system with lower installation space requirements and a more efficient thermal management system – ultimately increasing the range by up to 20 per cent. Though Marelli restricts the specification to “winter conditions.” And the supplier does not mention a basis for comparison. It is thus unclear whether the 20 per cent improvement can be achieved compared to an earlier generation or the lack of thermal management. In addition, the press release does not mention any further data on dimensions, weight or performance.

At the heart of Marelli’s solution is an intelligent valve arrangement that connects water-cooled heat exchangers such as the radiator or the water-cooled condenser – instead of using a separate heat exchanger for each cooling circuit. “By using this combined valve, which manages up to 6 channel combinations, the iTMM efficiently connects the three systems [for the electric drive, the battery and the vehicle interior], exploiting their synergies and sharing components, to obtain optimized energy management. This reduces the total system complexity, while ensuring ideal cooling of the electric powertrain, high safety and ultra-fast charging of the battery and an optimal thermal comfort within the cabin,” writes Marelli.

Because the overall system has fewer parts and is more compact and lighter due to the high level of integration, OEMs should be able to integrate the iTMM more easily into their electric architectures, the supplier promises. The module not only ensures “competitive system costs” but also meets “all the latest market requirements, such as ultra-fast charging with pre-conditioning and compliance with OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) standards.”

The Marelli Group was only formed in 2019 from the merger of Italian supplier Magneti-Marelli (which previously belonged to Fiat-Chrysler) and Japanese firm Calsonic Kansei (with roots in Nissan). Marelli was one of the largest suppliers of fuel injection systems for internal combustion engines. Since the merger, work has been done to expand the range to include electric drives.

In Cologne, Marelli has a production facility for electric vehicle drives. Last year, the company introduced a wireless battery management system and an 800-volt inverter with silicon carbide semiconductors.


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