BMW subsidiary Alphabet opts for E.On charging services

British leasing company Alphabet announces a new partnership with E.On, an energy company headquartered in Germany. E.On will provide Alphabet customers with a complete service suite for home, workplace, and public charging solutions.

Unlike Alphabet Inc., which is Google’s mighty umbrella company, Alphabet Ltd. belongs to the BMW Group and has been busy with electrification since 2013. The company says it manages a fleet of over 55,000 electrified vehicles today, and 69% of new car orders are either partially or fully electric.

The move to partner with E.On in order to deliver charging services is expected to increase the uptake of zero-emission vehicles and make the transition to sustainable mobility easier for businesses and drivers, writes Alphabet. Its parent company BMW is already working with the German utility and in May agreed to launch the ‘Connected Home Charging’ service in several European countries this year. The focus is on smart charging at home.

While technical details on the product range for Alphabet are missing, the partnership will include planning and installation to charge point operation and maintenance. Alphabet’s adds the “joined-up approach” will complement its e-mobility consulting. This usually is a four-step process from enquiry to installation, coupled with guidance on selecting the best option for premises and vehicles.

E.On and Alphabet will also offer different services for different use cases. Those wanting to charge at home may order a discounted wall box. Once installed, charges and chargers can be managed via the E.On app.

Workplace charging then adds payment and driver reimbursement options as well as detailed monthly fleet and charging reports. Again Alphabet offers consultations regarding the required installations.

One of the most significant advantages of the new partnership for all drivers will be access to E.On’s public charging network. Currently, the company operates more than 36,000 public charge points and 3,000 ultra-rapid charging stations available via the app. By 2026, E.On plans to own 5,000 new high-power charge points, expand existing locations, and construct new hubs for public charging. As for hardware, E.On primarily relies on Alpitronic for fast-charging equipment and topped up its order in May.

Commenting on the partnership with Alphabet, Chris Lovatt, COO of UK Solutions at E.On said: “Increasing the number of charging points at home, in public and at workplaces, will not only reassure drivers, we hope it will inspire them to make the cleaner choice”.

“Charging is still one of the biggest concerns for fleets of all sizes,” added David Rose, Head of Product and Governance Alphabet Limited. “By partnering with E.On we’re reinforcing our long-standing commitment to ensuring our customers get the expert support and solutions they need to break down barriers and supercharge EV adoption.”


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