Engie Vianeo opts for Siemens high-power hardware in France

Engie Vianeo has selected Siemens to equip 64 rest stops in France with high-power charging stations. The Engie subsidiary rolled out 320 charge columns from Siemens’ Sicharge line, which delivers up to 300 kW.

Vianeo is the new charging infrastructure brand of Engie. Launched in June, the company aims to install 12,000 charg3 points for electric cars and commercial vehicles in France by 2025. The chargers announced today are part of this effort, and Siemens says some “hubs include up to 24 charging points equipped for simultaneous charging”.

Formally, Vianeo acts as a contractor to Siemens Smart Infrastructure through its subsidiaries Engie Solutions and SSEC (a joint venture with Certas Energy France). The German technology company’s Sicharge columns will be deployed in the SANEF (Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l’Est France), APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône), AREA (Société des Autoroutes Rhône-Alpes) and VINCI Autoroutes motorway networks.

Specifically, the order includes 251 DC chargers delivering 300 kW and 69 Sicharge D with 160 kW that can be upgraded to 300 kW. Each charging station “dynamically distributes the charge between two vehicles simultaneously and features a 24″ screen to optimise the user experience,” writes Siemens. The company also claims a constant efficiency of more than 95.5 per cent, which ensures “optimum power transmission” to the vehicles.

Vianeo says France passed the milestone of 100,000 public charging stations open to the public and cites Avère France estimating between 330,000 and 480,000 charging stations will be needed by 2030.

“Strengthening the country-wide network of charging stations is crucial to building the mobility of tomorrow,” said Didier Liautaud, Managing Director of Engie Vianeo. “We will also need foolproof technology to ensure the careful management of our energy resources and a very high level of charging station availability,” he added, calling Siemens an “ideal partner”.

Olivier Delassus, Director of the eMobility business at Siemens Smart Infrastructure France, said they shared the “commitment to low-carbon mobility that is as accessible as possible”. He stressed the “scalable design and dynamic charging capacity” of the Sicharge D series.

Siemens launched the high-power charger suite in 2021 with public HPC sites in mind and future-proof technology—the VersiCharge series, on the other hand, targets residential and commercial installations.

Back to France. Engie Vianeo integrated about 1,000 existing Engie charge points when it launched its business a few weeks ago. By 2025, 11,000 more connections will be available under the brand. Engie will focus on HPC hubs at motorway sites up to 300 kW for 57 cents/kWh and at Esso filling stations operated with partner Certas Energy France for 69 cents/kWh. Engie Vianeo says it will also support municipalities and companies with a complete decarbonisation package, ranging from the installation of charging infrastructure and power supply to maintenance and servicing.

It is unclear whether Siemens will remain the sole supplier.



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