LEVC introduces new TX variant with improved ‘Access’

The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is introducing the TX Access, an enhanced version of its electrified taxi. The vehicle provides ample space for wheelchair users and can accommodate up to six passengers, says LEVC.

According to the London-based company, the TX Access is fully wheelchair accessible and features a direct access ramp that folds away into the floorspace, offering swift deployment and adjustability. LEVC adds that the TX Access is “built upon the existing TX electric taxi platform, with same eCity drivetrain providing a total range of 333 miles, with a pure EV range of 78 miles and emitting just 14g/km of CO2″. The TX and VN5 had both also received a range boost due in May, just days after LEVC presented a new BEV platform named SOA (Space Oriented Architecture).

In terms of other accessibility features, LEVC adds that a swivel seat that pivots outside the vehicle, which adds “hassle-free access” options for passengers. A large door aperture is to offer easy entry for wheelchair users, as well as optional additional grab handles and seat edges. But the vehicle isn’t only designed for those with mobility disabilities, but also includes “communication options, such as hearing induction loop, braille embossed controls, and microphone system, enabling seamless contact between passengers and driver.”

“The TX Access reaffirms the company’s commitment to transforming urban transportation and providing inclusive mobility solutions. By taking advantage of the class-leading TX platform, we are able to support a whole new market of passengers. LEVC is proud to contribute to a sustainable future where transportation is accessible to all,” stated Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC. In January, LEVC announced plans to go fully electric with a major investment from parent company Geely.

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