Tesla’s V4 Superchargers deliver up to 350 kW

Image: Tesla

Tesla has officially revealed the technical specifications of the charging power of its fourth-generation Superchargers. In a planning submission for a UK location, Tesla put the charging power of the V4 Superchargers on display at 350 kW.

According to a tweet by TeslaOwnersUK, Tesla plans to build a charging park with a total of 36 charging points in the northern car park of the Swindon Designer Outlet. Sixteen of these charging points are to be ultra-rapid V4 superchargers (350 kW) with an additional 20 AC charging points for longer stays in the shopping centre.

When the world’s first location with the new V4 Superchargers was opened in the Netherlands in March, Tesla had not yet made any statement about the maximum charging power. When the facility in Harderwijk was still under construction, a type plate was photographed on one of the columns that indicated 250 kW as the maximum output power – as well as 500 volts as the maximum voltage and 631 amps as the maximum amperage. Later, another type plate was photographed, indicating a “Rated Voltage” of 1,000 VDC and a “Rated Current” of 615 amperes.

It has now also been confirmed that Tesla’s new fast charging stations have a card reader and a small display – the first photos of this appeared around the Goodwood Festival of Speed in mid-July. The display can now also be seen on the columns of the fourth V4 location, which was opened in Graz, Austria. For the time being, there seem to be six V4 columns, but the location is to be extended by further fast charging points at a later date.

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