Chevrolet reveals final US prices for Blazer EV

Chevrolet has released the final prices for the Blazer EV in the US, which are now expected to be delivered from the factory in Mexico and available to customers to start immediately.

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The Blazer EV 2LT AWD will start from $56,715, while the Blazer EV RS AWD from $60,215 and the Blazer EV RS RWD from $61,790. In terms of technical specifications, both the 2LT and RS AWD variants feature a range of 279 miles, according to the EPA, while the RS RWD version is estimated to reach 320 miles of range by Chevrolet, however, “final EPA estimates will be announced closer to the models’ launch date”.

Production in Mexico was originally planned to start towards the end of 2024, which has now apparently been moved up to deliveries beginning this summer. However, the Blazer EV has been standing ready for some time, with its serial version being presented last year, as the factory in Ramos Arizpe was being renovated at the time. The construction to renovate the factory began in April 2022. Chevrolet states that the first Blazer EV to launch this summer will be the RS AWD, while the RS RWD and 2LT AWD will begin production in autumn. The $70,000 performance SS version of the Blazer was initially supposed to start production this year, but has been pushed back until next spring.

The initially announced base 1LT version announced at the model’s unveiling has been dropped, InsideEVs confirmed upon inquiry. This means that the initially announced price of below $45,000 was not met by the American manufacturer. Chevrolet also added that customers “may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500”.

Update 7 September 2023

Customers who reserved the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV have started receiving emails from General Motors with links that allow them to personalize and order their all-electric crossovers. The news was confirmed by Chevrolet on its official website, which says that personal configuration links started going toward reservation holders on 6 September.,, (1LT), update:,


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