E.On introduces dynamic pricing at public chargers in Denmark

A pilot project by E.On is now live in Copenhagen. Thanks to dynamic pricing, EV drivers can charge for half the price at certain times. E.On considers the trial a “win-win situation” which could “revolutionise the way we price and sell energy at public charging infrastructure”.

When introducing the new project, Dr Lioudmila Simon, Head of Mobility Innovation at E.On, confirmed that the Danish rollout is the first time the provider has introduced flexible pricing at public charging stations.

The pricing model takes into account factors like the time of day, grid capacity or the proportion of renewable energy in the mix. E.On claims that charging during off-peak hours could offer users discounts of up to 50% off the regular price. However, the company has not mentioned the run time of the pilot nor whether the model will come to other markets soon.

“Dynamic pricing has the potential to optimise the charging at public charging infrastructure. It offers a win-win situation for both – our customers and the environment,” says Anders Krag, Managing Director for E.ON Drive Infrastructure in Denmark. “As one of the first major charging providers in Europe to test this approach, we are excited to see the results of this pilot project.”

In Copenhagen, the German company was one of three to win a tender to install public charging infrastructure. The Danish capital had made charging prices for users, time to build, sustainability and the amount the CPO was willing to pay to rent the sites decisive factors of awarding the contracts in March 2023. E.On won four sub-contracts for 165 charging stations, with the remaining bids going to Clever and OK.

Internationally, E.On operates more than 36,000 public charge points and 3,000 ultra-rapid charging stations available via the app. By 2026, the company plans to own 5,000 high-power charge points, expand existing locations, and construct new hubs for public charging. As for hardware, E.On primarily relies on Alpitronic for fast-charging equipment and topped up its order in May of this year.



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