Motiv Power Systems releases new EV chassis Argo

Motiv Power Systems presents the new Argo series featuring the first medium-duty EV cab designed from the ground up. The commercial electric vehicle specialist says the Argo can support all medium-duty trucks in Class 4-6.

This includes box trucks, step vans, shuttle buses, refrigerated vehicles, vocational vehicles, and other specialities, so Motiv. The company considers the launch of the Argo a strategic step that will triple its market size.

So far, Motiv has released two versions. The regular Argo comes with a given box length of 14′ to 30′. The Argo L boxes measure 18′ to 30′. The wheelbase is the same in both versions, but the Argo L has a greater overall length of 26′ to 38′, compared to 22′ to 38′ in the regular truck.

The new chassis is built on top of the US company’s latest powertrain, including a 150-200 mile range LFP battery, likely the offspring of a partnership with Our Next Energy (ONE) announced in March 2022.

Earlier reports also saw Motiv working with Japan’s Nidec to design and patent a six-phase motor. The torque is said to surpass that of combustion engine vehicles.

While it is unclear whether Motiv utilised these new technologies, the spec sheet reveals further details indicating this was the case. The battery pack in the Argo contains 158 kWh, consistent with targets set for ONE developers.

The regular van can carry up to 15,500 lbs (over 7,000 kg). The Argo L payload is up to 14,300 lbs, likely due to the larger battery installed; it contains 237 kWh for up to 200 miles of range.

At the same time, Motiv points out that the new cab’s composite structure was designed for weight savings, offsetting incremental battery weight. Other range-saving features include windshields with built-in heat to save on defrosting energy and seats heated with specially-designed airflow.

The max speed is capped at 68 mph.

Tim Krauskopf, CEO of Motiv Power Systems, adds, “Argo combines our proven powertrain technology with a new driver-centric cab to deliver an unparalleled EV experience”.

The Argo Series vehicles are currently available for pre-order and will be on the road in late 2024, according to Motiv. The company will manufacture Argo vehicles in the US, making the new e-trucks eligible for the IRA tax credit and other incentives programs.

Krauskopf here mentions the Advanced Clean Fleet Rule in California that will go into effect in 2024. “The state needs roughly 20,000 new zero-emission medium-duty EVs on the road by the end of 2024,” he said. “The Argo Series will help meet the growing demand of many companies waiting for an EV solution capable of supporting a wide range of applications.”

Motiv Power Systems is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prospective clients may schedule a demo directly online., (Argo spec)


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