DeepDrive announces dual rotor radial flux central drive

The electric drive specialist DeepDrive, which is supported by BMW and Continental, has presented a new drive unit. Following the wheel hub drive presented in 2021, DeepDrive is now showing a central drive based on the same double rotor radial flow technology at the IAA Mobility.

The new central drive from DeepDrive will be available in two variants. The DeepDrive CSD 450 offers 430 Nm of engine torque at 230 kW output power and is suitable as the main drive for electric vehicles in mainstream applications (front- or rear-wheel drive up to the C-segment) as well as all-wheel drive concepts in the premium segment. The DeepDrive CSD 700, on the other hand, delivers up to 5,400 Nm of output torque at 350 kW output power and is positioned as the main drive for premium vehicles in the D-segment class as well as all-wheel drive configurations.

According to DeepDrive, both variants offer high efficiencies of over 96 per cent in broad operating ranges. Their efficiency is said to contribute to a “range increase of up to 20% compared to current solutions”. According to the Munich-based company, several OEMs have already expressed interest in the new drive. The first series of production deliveries are planned for 2027.

With its patented double-rotor radial-flux motor technology, DeepDrive aims to greatly curb material consumption in manufacturing. There is talk of 50 per cent fewer magnets and 80 per cent less iron compared to the competition. This should increase sustainability and reduce the costs of this rather expensive motor technology.

Alexander Rosen, co-founder and system design engineer at DeepDrive, expresses that high purchase and operating costs are still a barrier for potential electric vehicle buyers. “Our drive unit breaks this trend by offering a solution that not only lowers component costs, but also significantly increases efficiency, which in turn has a strong lever on battery costs and ultimately ensures increased vehicle range for customers in everyday use.” DeepDrive’s offer significantly undercuts the previously known manufacturing prices for electric car drives.

With his team, Rosen has set himself the goal of eradicating the previous weak points of the double-rotor radial-flow technology. “The technical hurdles can be solved. The advantages of this engine technology are so great that it will become established as soon as it becomes price-competitive. I am convinced of that.” DeepDrive offers its motors including power electronics and emphasises that they can be installed in production vehicles in the future as central drives as well as wheel hub drives.

In March, it was announced that BMW and Continental were investing in the electric drive specialist. DeepDrive raised a total of 15 million euros in the Series A financing round at the time. Other backers in the spring included existing investors UVC Partners and Bayern Kapital with the Bavarian Growth Fund. The company is also supported by former Audi development board member Dr Peter Mertens.

The company intends to use the fresh capital to start industrial production of the engines and to continue to grow in terms of personnel. The goal is to “continue to meet the increasing demand on the market,” according to a statement from the company’s headquarters in March. According to its own statements, DeepDrive intends to bring its technology to the market in large-scale production by 2026.

Last year, DeepDrive had already raised 4.3 million euros in a first financing round, which closed in February 2022. (in German)


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