Volkswagen founds Electrify France

Volkswagen Group France is developing an ultra-fast charging network under a single label to cover Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT, Cupra, and Škoda. Electrify France, a household name in the US, will comprise 150 charging stations by summer 2024.

Different from its large-scale Electrify America undertaking, Volkswagen will concentrate its efforts in France in regions with few motorways and in peri-urban areas. The Group will utilise the more than 700 sites its brands have across the country.

While set at dealerships and other Group locations, Volkswagen says all charge hubs will be accessible 24/7 and open to EVs of any make.

Each station will be equipped with at least one charge point with a guaranteed power of 150kW in all circumstances, the largest ones having up to twelve ultra-fast charging points.

Volkswagen adds that 19 large projects equipped with 4 to 12 DC charging stations have already been grouped together. The company also installed seven stations at French dealerships as a test in 2020.

“The installation of Superchargers in our network is a strong sign that our distributors are committed to transforming their business model, with the desire to satisfy our customers by installing high-quality charging stations, open to all,” said Luc Chausson, Director of Strategic Projects, in charge of Electrify France.

The French network will complement the large high-power charging networks already established across the country but will offer better coverage, Volkswagen said.

Volkswagen Group France is also working in partnership with Allego to bring chargers to French municipalities. As for highway charging, Volkswagen is of course working with
Ionity that covers motorways and major roads.


about „Volkswagen founds Electrify France“
02.09.2023 um 12:13
‘its hugely successful Electrify America undertaking’!!?? – In what fantasy world are you living? This is easily the worst bev charging network in the US, mostly known for persistently broken charging points.
02.09.2023 um 20:14
Successful by the standard of traumatic experience induced to users.

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