BMW adds front-wheel drive to iX1 range

BMW has put a second variant of its all-electric iX1 on display at the IAA Mobility. Previously only available with all-wheel drive, the new entry-level iX1 eDrive20 with front motor will come to market this November.

Unlike the iX1 xDrive30, the new iX1 eDrive20 will only have one electric motor – on the front axle, not the rear. In the current generation of electric BMWs available so far, the designation “eDrive” stood for an electric rear-wheel drive, but BMW uses the designation for all e-cars with only one motor.

In the iX1 eDrive20, the separately excited synchronous machine on the front axle produces up to 150 kW (with temporary boost). The power for this comes from the high-voltage battery familiar from the iX1 xDrive30 with a usable energy content of 64.7 kWh. BMW states ranges of 430 to 475 kilometres for the iX1 eDrive20 (preliminary values according to WLTP). Both iX1 variants are built at the Regensburg plant, just like their combustion engine counterparts.

BMW is thus following suit only a few days after the world premiere of the Mini Countryman. The Mini SUV is based on the same platform as the iX1 and was presented in two purely electric drive variants just a few days before the start of the trade fair. The Mini Countryman SE ALL4 corresponds to the iX1 xDrive30 with 230 kW, and the Mini was also presented as the Countryman E with 150 kW front-wheel drive. With the single-engine drive, the Countryman has a range of up to 462 kilometres according to WLTP.

In the case of the iX1 eDrive20, acceleration from a standstill to 100 kph is possible in 8.6 seconds with the new basic drive. The top speed is electronically limited to 170 kph.

Since the battery is the same in all cases, there is also no variation in charging behaviour. With the standard 11 kW onboard charger, a full charge takes 6.5 hours; with the optional 22 kW unit, this can be shortened to 3:45 hours. DC charging is possible at up to 130 kW, and the standard charging process from ten to 80 per cent is said to take 29 minutes – and thanks to battery preconditioning, this is also said to be reliably repeatable.

Standard equipment in the new base iX1 includes the new BMW iDrive with ‘QuickSelect’ and the new BMW Operating System 9, which BMW says enables “a wider range of digital content for information and entertainment, faster update cycles for functions over-the-air and optimised access to many specific online services”. Examples mentioned are 3rd party apps, extended navigation and parking services and additional personalisation options, for example through further My Modes.

The recommended retail price for the new basic version of the iX1 is 47,900 euros, compared to 55,000 euros for the iX1 xDrive30. With the addition of a new base model to its range, BMW aims to make “locally emission-free driving pleasure attractive to broad target groups” and, according to the company, is thus providing “additional impetus for the ramp-up of e-mobility”.


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