Fuso sells 900 eCanter trucks to home delivery service Yamato


Daimler Truck subsidiary Fuso has scored a record order for its eCanter truck in Japan. Logistics company Yamato Transport ordered around 900 units of the latest generation.

Fuso has delivered the first eCanter and says the remaining will follow “sequentially from now on”.

Yamato Transport also signed up for Green Lease by Daimler Truck Financial Services Asia. The contract comprises an ecosystem around the EV truck, including maintenance services and special warranties.

The company was also among the very first clients of the eCanter. Fuso launched the light-duty EV in 2017 as “Japan’s first mass-produced electric light-duty truck”. Over the next five years, Daimler Truck gathered customer feedback – the usual strategy – which informed the development of the next-gen eCanter debuting in Japan in September 2022.

Fuso says Yamato Transport decided to introduce around 900 units of the Next Generation eCanter Japan-wide following its positive experience with the initial generation.

Karl Deppen, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, added, “Fuso’s eCanter reduces the burden on drivers by offering them safe, low-vibration driving without emissions. This was highly evaluated by Yamato Transport, who introduced 25 of the first-generation eCanter in 2017. We are honoured to support Yamato Transport in their continuing efforts to go carbon neutral as they deploy our EV trucks throughout Japan.”

Yamato Transport is one of Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery services known for its Black cat logo (“Kuroneko”). The logo depicts a mother cat gently carrying a kitten in her mouth, which Yamamoto says represents its approach to providing hospitable delivery services to all customers. The company is currently expanding beyond Japan and into new Asian markets.

Daimler Truck launched the new eCanter in select European markets, Japan and other overseas markets in early 2023. At launch, the company promised to offer more than 100 variants worldwide, including 28 for the Japanese domestic market. In August, it also hit the markets in Indonesia and Chile. In May 2023, Fuso started European production in Tramaga, Portugal, with a portfolio comprising 42 variants.



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