EU project to develop light electric vehicles

The 3.5-year EU project GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable New Transport Solutions) aims to develop technology solutions that will enable the production of affordable light electric vehicles (L5, L6 and L7) for urban transport worldwide. Two major car manufacturers are also involved.

Image: Valoe

The EU project GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable New Transport Solutions) wants to simplify the production of light electric vehicles. According to the Finnish project partner Valoe, the project will develop standard blocks from which the electric vehicles can be assembled with little expertise. The standard blocks are to be scalable so that different variations are possible. Valoe also uses the term “Lego blocks” to describe the standard blocks more vividly.

These parts include “a portable battery, scalable e-powertrain, standardised vehicle control system and integrated solar panels,” Valoe writes in its press release. The company is in charge of making sure that it will be possible for an L-class vehicle to use solar power. And that it will be easy to connect solar panels to the standardised vehicles.

The EU project has a budget of 15 million euros. According to Valeo, 12 million of this is a grant, of which Valoe and Valoe Cells, in turn, have 0.45 million euros at their disposal.

The project will also provide a tool that will allow third parties to design their own vehicles. The technology developed by the GIANTS project could be used in 1.5 million vehicles sold annually from 2028 onwards.

A total of 24 partners are involved in the project, which is scheduled to run for three and a half years. Valoe recently joined the project. Other project partners include Renault, Toyota Motor Europe, as well as the Swedish small vehicle manufacturer Clean Motion, and French company Valeo Equipments Moteur.


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