Innolith to take I-State battery platform to market

The Swiss battery manufacturer Innolith is ready to bring its Li-Ion battery platform I-State to market. Using a new battery chemistry, the manufacturer says it will cut costs and increase range on EVs.

Image: Innolith

Swiss battery cell developer Innolith announced plans to commercialise its I-State platform for use in electric vehicles. As reported in 2019, Innolith relies on a non-flammable inorganic electrolyte for its cells.

According to the new announcement, this enables higher voltages (up to 5 volts) than conventional Li-ion battery cells (maximum 4.2 volts) and an improved temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C. In combination with a graphite anode and an NMC811 cathode, Innolith says the now commercialised cell achieves a gravimetric energy density of 300 Wh/kg and a volumetric energy density of 825 Wh/L.

The I-State batteries are to be produced within the framework of licensing partnerships with automotive, industrial and battery companies. Innolith plans to announce more details on this at a later date. To support its ongoing licensing negotiations, the company has signed letters of intent with five customers for a production requirement of 100 MWh per year. In the automotive sector, Innolith says it is “working closely with three of the top ten automotive manufacturers and has recently signed a letter of intent with one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers”.

“The world needs better batteries to drive the transition to a greener economy for environmental, energy security and economic efficiency reasons,” stated Konstantin Solodovnikov, CEO of Innolith, adding: “Conventional Li-ion has served us well for 40 years but has well known limitations for the future. I-State goes further, costs less and is environmentally more sustainable. This new technology will provide the EV battery for the next step in the world’s transition to renewable energy. With future innovations in technology in our labs, we will be delivering even higher levels of energy density and other improved performance parameters in the near future.”


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