Chery to launch ICEs and EVs in Germany

Most Chinese carmakers are focusing on purely electric powertrains or, at best, plug-in hybrids in their European expansion. However, according to a media report, Chery wants to launch cars with a "broad drive mix" in Europe.

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Chery is the latest Chinese carmaker to prepare its launch in Germany. Chery is relying on three brands and a broad drive mix, according to a report in Wirtschaftswoche. After market entries in Spain, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Kuwait, Australia and New Zealand, it will bring its brands Omoda, Jaecoo, and Exlantix to Germany.

The concrete schedule stands. In spring 2024, the compact crossover Omoda 5 will launch in Germany, initially as a combustion engine and later as a BEV variant with a WLTP range of 450 kilometres. A plug-in hybrid is also “conceivable.” According to Charlie Zhang, International Executive Vice President of Chery Automobile, the brand will produce “the crossover from the future for the future.”

Jaecoo will offer Land Rover-style SUVs, specifically the compact Jaecoo 7 SUV and the larger Jaecoo 8. There has yet to be any information on powertrains. According to the report, the Jaecoo 7 will be similar in size to the Omoda 5, but less futuristic in design – and more reminiscent of a Range Rover Evoque.

The pure EV brand Exlantix will head to Europe later, hitting European streets with its E0Y SUV and E03 sedan. Both cars are around 4.90 metres long and have a 64 kWh battery (430 kilometres range) or an 82 kWh option for more than 500 kilometres. However, there is already talk of a version with more than 700 kilometres – with a battery from CATL. Chery presented the two models a few months ago, but at that time, they were still marketed under the sub-brand ‘Exeed.’ They will launch on the Chinese market in October.

If the market launch in Germany is successful, Chery could build its cars here in the future. Negotiations with local manufacturers about production facilities are reportedly already underway.

Chery has repeatedly sought out Germany in the past; since 2011, the manufacturer has regularly exhibited its vehicles at the IAA – at that time still in Frankfurt. At that time, there were no ambitions to bring the vehicles to the market in Germany – something that is obviously changing now. (in German)


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