Honda’s SUV Prologue will have a front-wheel drive

Honda presented the design of its Prologue electric SUV for the North American market about a year ago. Now, it has published technical data and information on the market launch. There are clear differences to the sister model from Honda's brand Acura.

Image: Honda

The Honda Prologue, which is based on General Motors’ Ultium platform, will be delivered from the beginning of 2024 both as a single-engine front-wheel drive vehicle and with a dual-engine all-wheel drive system. Honda quotes an output of 215 kW for the all-wheel drive; the output for the front-wheel drive model is made public. The battery is said to offer a capacity of 85 kWh and achieve an EPA range of 300 miles (480 kilometres). That would correspond (without charging losses) to a consumption of 17.7 kWh/100km. Charging will be at a maximum of 155 kW DC.

The drive layout of the Honda Prologue thus differs significantly from the ZDX from Honda’s brand Acura, which is also based on General Motors’ Ultium platform. The latter has a choice of rear-wheel drive with around 254 kW or all-wheel drive with 373 kW. A 102 kWh battery pack is also installed in the Acura ZDX.

The Honda’s interior is said to feature an eleven-inch cockpit display at the factory, as well as an 11.3-inch touchscreen for infotainment. The “Elite” trim also gets a head-up display.

According to the press release, the base price of the Honda Prologue will be “over 40,000 dollars” before options, but there is also talk of prices starting at just under 50,000 dollars. More information about the prices should follow at the start of pre-sales before the end of the year. If this is true, the base price of the Honda would be at least $10,000 cheaper than the Acura based on the same platform.

Honda reportedly relies on Tesla’s fast-charging system in North America and is a partner in an automaker consortium that announced its own HPC network for the region.


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