9,000 electric vehicles registered in Norway over September

In Norway, 9,000 new electric cars were registered in September, 250 fewer than in August. Purely electric cars accounted for 87 per cent of new registrations. In the model rankings, the Tesla Model Y was ahead by a clear margin.

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The electric dominance in Norway continues: In September, 87 per cent of all new cars were purely electric, again slightly more than in August. The trend in Norway is clear: the slight gains in new electric registrations are at the expense of plug-in hybrids and, above all, pure combustion engines – petrol engines now have a market share of less than one per cent.

Across all drive types, 10,342 new cars hit the roads in Norway in September, which was 29 per cent less than in September 2022 and also around 700 vehicles less than in the previous month. At the same time, the BEV share rose from 84 to 87 per cent. In addition to the 9,000 electric cars, there were 617 new plug-in hybrids, which corresponds to a market share of six per cent. This means that 93 percent of all new cars in September had a charging connection – in July and August it was still around 90 percent.

PHEVs declined slightly compared to the previous month (6.5 per cent market share), but in a year-on-year comparison with September 2022, new PHEV registrations have fallen significantly (- 63.1 %).

Full hybrids reached a total of 442 new registrations and were thus still ahead of regular combustion engines: the OFV shows 93 new petrol registrations (market share 0.9 per cent) and 190 registrations of diesel vehicles (market share 1.8 per cent).

In the model ranking, the Tesla Model Y has secured the top spot for the seventh time this year – only in January and July was the VW ID.4 ahead. In September, the Tesla SUV was once again the only model to reach the four-digit range with 2,476 new registrations. It accounted for almost a quarter (23.9 percent) of all new registrations. The second-placed Skoda Enyaq registered 697 units. The podium is completed by the Ford Mustang Mach-E with 493 new registrations.

Behind them are the Toyota bZ4X (472 vehicles), the Volvo XC40 (329), the Hyundai Kona (270), the Nissan Ariya (265) and the best-placed full hybrid, the Toyota Yaris (258). The VW ID.4, which otherwise often appears in the top three, only had 257 registrations in September.

In the current year, the Model Y is clearly ahead with 19,575 units, followed by the ID.4 (5,832 vehicles) ahead of the Skoda Enyaq (4,362 new registrations).

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