CALB reveals high-density battery with 25-year lifecycle

At the RE+ trade show in Las Vegas, CALB, China’s third-largest battery maker, unveiled its 314Ah energy storage solution as part of its strategy of greater globalization.

Image: CALB Group Co., Ltd

The battery maker says its upgraded CALB 314Ah Cell now contains lithium replenishment technology that extends its lifespan to 15,000 charge cycles, noting that this is equivalent to a 25-year lifecycle. CALB guarantees that the upgraded battery solution has zero degradation in the first 1,000 charging cycles. The Chinese energy storage solution specialist says the CALB 314Ah has been put through extensive optimisations that have increased its usable energy by 12 per cent with a round-trip efficiency that reaches 96 per cent.

CALB has designed the 314Ah to be scalable, highlighting the fact that the product can be customized for the specific requirements of diverse commercial applications. The battery maker also offers air- and liquid-cooled battery solutions with capacities of up to 6.58 MWh, as well as small-scale commercial products of up to 425 kWh. Just when suppliers and the shipping industry are having to deal with increased emissions reporting, CALB is offering battery products for maritime applications featuring increased weight reduction and up to 10,000 charge cycles.

Founded in 2015, CALB is now listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has rapidly gained a position among China’s top battery makers with robust supply chains, R&D and production operations across Jiangsu, Fujian, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, and Guangdong provinces.

Dr. Zheng Xiang , Vice President of CALB Europe explains, “By leveraging our world-class R&D capabilities and supply chain, CALB is ready to meet the sustainable development of global enterprise and industrial customers with our comprehensive suite of energy storage products.”

With its recent globalisation drive, the company is pushing forward with its production facility in Portugal, announced in 2022. This European focus, as well as revealing its new battery solution in the USA, marks a new phase of international collaboration with its globalisation push. Earlier this year, the battery cell supplier signed agreements with French company Forsee Power, which assembles purchased cells into battery systems for use in electric buses and other electric commercial vehicles, but also for maritime applications.

A year earlier, CALB signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the German BMZ Group to develop and produce lithium-ion batteries for use in electric commercial vehicles for markets in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. But this is not the only German connection for the Chinese battery maker.

Having increased its focus on the electric car market since 2019, CALB’s automotive customers include GAC Aion, Changan Auto, Geely Automobile. This year, the Chinese battery maker signed supply agreements with Nio for its new sub-brand. CALB’s collaboration with automotive technology leader Xpeng goes back to early on between the two relatively young companies. Now CALB is the electric car manufacturer’s largest battery supplier. Volkswagen’s recent cooperation with Xpeng could also spell good news for CALB’s globalisation strategy in Europe.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that CALB aims to source 70% of materials it needs in Europe by 2026. Wu Tao, general manager of CALB’s marketing division, told the news agency, “We do feel it’s necessary to localise supplies of materials as much as possible.” He explained that this was being advanced by offering technical support to local firms as well as encouraging Chinese suppliers to establish plants in Europe.

In Las Vegas this month, Dr. Zheng Xiang noted, “Our appearance at RE+ signifies our commitment to helping the global markets reach their carbon reduction and carbon neutrality targets.” The company is confident it will further accelerate its globalisation strategy with the strength of its 314Ah energy storage solution and the progress of its plans for European production.

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