Skoda is giving the Enyaq a powertrain update

Skoda has unveiled the new 2024 vintage of its Enyaq electric model, which will start production in November. The improvements known from other MEB models as well as the new APP550 electric motor will be integrated into the Enyaq. This also has an impact on the model designation.

The new versions Enyaq 85 and Enyaq 85x replace the previous 80 series, the same applies to the coupé variant. The changed designation indicates the increase in performance, which is due to new electric motors on the rear axle and the improved battery management. This is because the new Skoda Enyaq, like the VW models ID.4 and ID.5 as well as the Audi Q4 e-tron, receives the new Group engine, which increases the output from the previous 150 kW to 210 kW.

In the all-wheel drive version Enyaq 85x, the APP550 with the eponymous 550 Nm of torque is also installed on the rear axle. In this variant, the system power with the additional asynchronous machine on the front axle is also 210 kW, 15 kW more than before. The peak power of 250 kW known from the ID.4 GTX or Cupra Tavascan remains reserved for the Enyaq RS at Skoda. The top model can thus accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The Enyaq 85 with 210 kW takes 6.7 seconds, which is two seconds less than the current 150 kW model.

Since the APP550 not only offers more power, but is also more efficient at the same time, the range increases in combination with the thermal management, which has also been improved. The Enyaq 85 is rated at up to 563 WLTP kilometres, while the more aerodynamic Enyaq 85 Coupé is rated at up to 573 kilometres. For the all-wheel-drive 85x, the SUV version gets up to 536 kilometres on paper, the coupe nine kilometres more. The RS model also has a 77 kWh battery, but uses a different cell chemistry. As a result, the WLTP range of 537 and 543 kilometres for the Coupé is on a par with the 85x – despite the additional power.

The maximum charging power increases to 175 kW, and the standard charging process from ten to 80 percent should be completed in 28 minutes, according to Skoda – a value we have already been able to achieve in practice with other MEB models. “An important new feature for the 2024 model of the Enyaq 85 and all model versions above it is the ability to preheat the battery. When the user enters the route to an HPC fast charging station in the navigation system, it starts automatically, but the driver can also activate it manually in the vehicle’s infotainment system,” says Jaromír Mendl from Enyaq Product Marketing.

There are also a few other changes: The infotainment uses the latest 4.0 version with the new user interface. The virtual instrument cluster and head-up display also feature the new graphics. Other innovations are less noticeable, according to Skoda, but are intended to “noticeably improve the driving experience” – such as newly arranged control buttons or the automatic locking function, which locks the vehicle as soon as the driver moves away with the key (included in the Clever package).

“The Enyaq family of models will get minor visual changes to bring consistency with the brand’s new visual identity, including the new logos and lettering, while the iV branding will disappear,” says Mendl. “The various versions will now be distinguished only by a numerical designation or a model designation such as the RS or Laurin & Klement versions.”


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