Kiepe Electric premiers mobile High-Power Charging

Kiepe Electric presents the K-Charger at the Busworld 2023 in Brussels. The company thus enters the market for high-end charging stations for the first time.

Image: Kiepe Electric

Kiepe Electric premiers its mobile High-Power Charging (mHPC) with the K-Charger in Brussels. The latter can charge electric buses with up to 800 kW within a few minutes. The K-Charger uses an existing power supply, such as the overhead wiring of regional and long-distance trains, trams or the underground. It is also available as a mobile unit, where charging energy is provided by batteries.

“The K-Charger can be positioned quickly and flexibly according to the local conditions,” the company writes in its media statement.

According to Kiepe Electric, being able to plug into existing power lines makes installing the K-Charger less expensive. Moreover, it is said to be ideal for buses serving suburban areas, as they “can be supplied with energy at train stations or near train tracks via the K-Charger.”

The first K-Charger has already been installed in St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Kiepe Electric is a Knorr-Bremse subsidiary and specialises in electrifying urban road and rail transport. Kiepe is also a specialist in charging solutions and a supplier of In-Motion Charging solutions – which allows the buffer batteries of trolleybuses to be recharged with power from the overhead line while the bus is in motion, enabling it to cover short distances without an overhead line. In 2022, Kiepe introduced its proprietary High Power Charging platform, which allows rapid vehicle charging and energy management for battery buses.

In August, investment company Heramba announced it wanted to buy the company to “create a unique pure-play global leader in sustainable urban transportation.


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