BYD shows electric double-decker and next-gen solo bus

BYD brought two electric bus innovations to the Busworld trade fair. In addition to a new generation of its 12-metre city bus, BYD also presents an approximately 14-metre-long double-decker coach in Brussels.

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BYD has taken the wraps of its new electric bus B12. The manufacturer integrated its Blade Battery into the chassis, which saves space. According to the Chinese company, the company’s latest generation of 12-metre electric thus has a maximum battery capacity of 500 kWh and a range of up to 600 kilometres.

BYD first presented the electric bus chassis with the integrated Blade Batteries at the IAA Transportation in September 2022. Now, the new generation of the eBus B12 is the first model under its own brand. The batteries are housed in the underbody – both between the axles and in the rear. This makes the pure electric bus platform possible. With designs that are offered as an electric bus and with a combustion engine, the batteries are usually housed on the vehicle’s roof. According to earlier statements by the company, the batteries now require 50 per cent less space.

BYD does not mention many other data. The vehicle uses the new 6-in-1 controller with silicon carbide semiconductors and is driven by two wheel hub hairpin motors – but there is no performance data on this yet. With its long range, the eBus B12 should be an “excellent choice for busy bus routes,” according to the Chinese.

The second innovation presented by BYD at the Busworld in Brussels is a battery-electric double-decker coach designed for the needs of European transport companies. The 13.7-metre-long BYD-UNVI DD13 combines BYD propulsion technology with a body from UNVI, and its LFP battery with up to 484 kWh capacity allows ranges of up to 350 kilometres, says BYD.

“We are delighted to present two of our latest eBus innovations at such a prestigious event for bus and coach operators in Europe. It provides the perfect platform for us to showcase BYD’s groundbreaking technologies in electric bus development,” says Javier Contijoch, Vice President for eBus Sales at BYD Europe. “We are especially proud to launch the BYD B12 and the truly revolutionary Blade Battery Chassis, making eMobility safer and more energy efficient than ever before.”

In addition to the two new models, BYD also brought the familiar eBus B19 and eBus B15 series to the trade fair in Brussels. These are an 18.75-metre-long electric articulated bus and a 15-metre-long solo bus, which are in demand primarily in Scandinavia for intercity transport.

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