FEV opens battery cell lab in Aachen

The development service provider FEV has expanded its analysis and benchmarking capacities for battery cell tests. A new battery cell laboratory has now been opened at the Aachen site, with operations scheduled to start before the end of 2023.

Image: FEV

The facility will focus on both analysis and benchmarking of battery cells in terms of performance, lifetime and safety behaviour, as well as enabling cell developments, according to a company statement. The lab will begin operations later this year, it said.

The on-site team will disassemble and analyse battery cells in the labs on behalf of customers, create prototype cells, and conduct safety tests and in-depth material testing, FEV said. This should enable a detailed evaluation of the battery cells. For example, the materials used are characterised and their chemical composition, processing and electrochemical behaviour are examined. The electrical behaviour of the cell can also be tested. If desired, the safety behaviour of the battery cell can also be examined in the event of misuse, such as the behaviour of thermal runaway. For example, the performance, service life, safety behaviour, internal structure and material composition are recorded for battery system design, cell design and cell simulation.

Since the data obtained there is stored in a cell database together with information on battery cells that have already been tested, the development process for battery systems should be considerably accelerated and secured. The new laboratory also “ideally extends the existing competencies of FEV’s battery cell test benches in Munich and France, which are focused on electrical cell characterization,” the company wrote.

“The cell is a key component for the performance of battery systems and thus crucial for the success of electric vehicles and applications,” said Michael Stapelbroek, vice president electric powertrain at FEV. “That´s why it is of great importance to understand the composition and behavior of the wide variety of battery cells in detail. The completion of our new battery cell laboratory in Aachen once more underlines FEV’s innovative strength and leading position in the field of electromobility and battery systems, including cell development.”



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