Uber offers BYD leasing rebate in Australia

Ride-hailing company Uber has entered into a collaboration with BYD importer EVDirect in Australia, through which a total of 10,000 BYD Atto 3s will now be made available to Uber drivers through a range of financing and leasing options.

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From now on, Australian “Uber for Business” customers can use the new “Comfort Electric” offer in the app. The ride will then be in an “all-electric premium vehicle with highly rated drivers suitable for business travel”. The offer will launch in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Following the launch at Uber for Business, the Comfort Electric offering will be expanded based on availability, Uber said. It said it continues to invest in the growth of electric vehicles on the platform. This also includes the deal that has now been concluded with the BYD importer EVDirect. Exactly what terms Uber drivers will be able to use the Atto 3 on is not disclosed. There is talk of a “range of flexible and competitive financing options”.

The Australian newspaper “Sydney Morning Herald” writes that one of the financing options corresponds to a rate of 269 Australian dollars per week, currently equivalent to 161 euros. In Australian dealerships, the Atto 3 is currently offered from 48,000 AUD (28,800 euros), which would mean that the vehicle would become the owner’s property after about four years. However, there are also supposed to be offers with shorter terms.

The Atto 3 is based on BYD’s own e-platform 3.0 and uses the manufacturer’s so-called blade battery. This is an LFP battery with very long, sword-shaped battery cells that are not grouped in modules but directly assembled into a pack. You can find our driving report on the 4.45-metre-long electric SUV here.

“Two-thirds of drivers have told us they want to switch to an electric vehicle, but the biggest barrier to doing so is the initial cost of the car,” said Dom Taylor, general manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand. “Through our new partnership with EVDirect, we are addressing this challenge head on. Our goal is to provide drivers and delivery drivers with a range of flexible options that make it easier than ever to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.”

The vehicles will initially be offered to Uber drivers and Uber Eats delivery drivers. The influx of new electric cars, some of which could be resold to private buyers within as little as 12 months, is also expected to boost the used car market in Australia, according to the release.

“We’re excited to support drivers and delivery people with a cost-effective way to access EVs,” adds Luke Todd, CEO of EVDirect. “We’ve created flexible financing options as well as easy charging options, and know drivers will reap the benefits of the cheaper operational costs of an EV. What excites me the most is the amount of money drivers and delivery people can save by switching to electric, given the number of kilometres that they drive each day.”

In other countries, both Uber and BYD have signed similar, large agreements with other partners. In India, Uber is reportedly aiming to roll out 25,000 electric cars from Tata Motors. Last autumn, BYD signed a framework agreement with car rental company Sixt, giving Sixt access to up to 100,000 BYD electric cars within six years.



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