New CATL factory outputs one cell per second

CATL has commissioned a new battery factory in China. The plant in the southwestern province of Guizhou has 30 GWh initial annual capacity. It is almost entirely automated, leading to rapid manufacturing speed.

Image: CATL

CATL claims an automation rate of 95 per cent. Lines produce one cell per second so that every 2.5 minutes, one battery pack leaves the new factory.

The Chinese supplier is making battery cells and packs for both electric cars and stationary applications in the Guian New District but has yet to mention the design and cell chemistry.

The plant is running on a 30 GWh annual capacity; the second phase will see CATL gear up to 60 GWh, doubling the factory’s capacity.

According to the South Korean institute SNE Research, CATL had an installed capacity of 158.3 GWh as of the end of August, corresponding to a 54.4 per cent increase compared to the same period last year (102.5 GWh). Adding the new 30 GWh plant now in operation, CATL’s total production increases further. Already before, 158.3 GWh made CATL the only manufacturer exceeding 30% market share – CATL is approaching 40% global market share (36.9%), according to SNE Research. Strictly speaking, it is also the only manufacturer above the 20 per cent mark, as BYD comes second with 15.9%v followed by LGES with 14.2% – far behind CATL.

At the same time, CATL’s share in China has slightly slipped this year – from a high level. According to the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance (CABIA), the company held 39.41% domestic market share in September, the first time it has fallen below 40 per cent.



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