Scania to use ABB’s charging solutions

Swiss technology group ABB has signed a global framework agreement for charging infrastructure with truck manufacturer Scania. Subsidiary ABB E-mobility will supply Scania with its full range of DC solutions from 24 to 600 kW.

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Scania started series production of its BEV trucks for regional transport in Södertälje, Sweden, in October. These join Scania’s BEV models for urban transport, launched in 2021. The range is therefore growing – and with it, the need for charging infrastructure. The agreement with ABB means Scania can now offer its electric truck customers a complete solution – “supplying vehicle, charger, service and software.”

Scania will provide its own network and its customers with ABB E-mobility’s DC fast charging technology and solutions. It explicitly mentions the Terra 360, a charger ABB unveiled in September 2021 that can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. However, this is likely to be of secondary importance for commercial vehicles, and the charging power is more likely to be distributed to one or at most two vehicles at the same time.

The agreement between the Swedish brand and the Swiss technology group builds on an existing partnership. And 600 kW will not be the end of the line: In May, ABB E-mobility and Scania successfully completed a first test in development of a megawatt charging system (MCS).

ABB E-mobility intends to introduce the next version of its MCS technology in late 2024 or early 2025. Scania wants to offer customers EV trucks for regional transport with a pre-release version of the standard MCS plug as early as this year and then start production in 2024.

Scania and ABB are both involved in developing the MSC standard as members of the CCS initiative CharIN. CharIN first demonstrated the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) in mid-2022.

“The collaboration with ABB E-mobility enables us to build on the momentum we see for electric transport […]. We value the global coverage and local presence of ABB E-mobility as well as their wide portfolio of quality EV charging solutions and service support”, says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility, Scania.

“We are delighted to help Scania offer their customers a broad range of EV charging solution. With access to the full breadth of our DC charging portfolio, we are ensuring that Scania can recommend the most appropriate solution for every use case, helping their customers successfully transition to electric”, says Chris Nordh, Head of Fleet & Transit Business at ABB E-mobility.


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