Four new truck chargers installed at Gothenburg port

At the port of Gothenburg, the fast-charging offer for electric trucks is growing. The port operator and Göteborg Energi have now put four electric truck charging points with a capacity of up to 350 kW into operation at the Hisingen port entrance.

Image: Göteborg Energi

Over a million trucks are handled in the port of Gothenburg every year, many of which pass through the Hisingen port entrance. The port operator describes the provision of charging points at this point as “an important part of the goal to reduce port-related greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030”. In addition to new charging facilities, the port is already prioritizing electric trucks, among other things.

The Circle K filling station chain, which is setting up an electric truck charging network in Sweden, already operates charging points at the port of Gothenburg. Following the four that have now been inaugurated at the Hisingen port entrance, four more charging points from Göteborg Energi are due to go into operation shortly at Exportgatan in Hisingen. Like the Circle K and the charging points that have now been opened, they will be open to the public.

The initiative for the four charging points that are now available came from the port operator: “The port saw a need for charging for the increasing proportion electric trucks and contacted us. That meant we could together create a charging station with four fast chargers at Port Entry where many trucks passes every day,” says Patrik Olsson, project manager at Göteborg Energi. The charging stations are financed with the help of the Swedish Energy Agency, and public access is a basic requirement in this process.

Meanwhile, Circle K’s charging station is located at Vädermotet in Gothenburg harbour. “The fact that we now have two separate public charging stations in the port is significant in itself. It provides redundancy in the infrastructure while, in the long run, it can keep prices down for those who charge,” Allgurén points out.

Circle K wants to expand its electric truck charging network in Sweden to include a total of 90 charging points by the end of 2024. 360 kW chargers will be used for this. As part of a partially publicly funded project called E-Charge, the company is also aiming to install two megawatt chargers and also provide hydrogen at selected locations. (in Swedish),


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