Ford Pro & Xcel Energy launch charging initiative for businesses

Ford Pro and Xcel Energy have joined forces to see to the installation of 30,000 charge points for business fleets by 2030. Xcel is pledging to offset most upfront costs for qualifying business customers.

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Called the 30×30 initiative, Ford Pro, the commercial division of Ford, and utility company Xcel Energy have announced their collaboration to deploy 30,000 electric vehicle charging points in Xcel’s service territories that cover 8 US states. Ford Pro will offer its charging solutions as part of the offer, which includes Xcel offsetting the upfront costs for qualified businesses.

The 30×30 initiative will begin activities in 2024, initially available through Xcel Energy’s EVSI program in Colorado and Wisconsin. Other states are meant to follow, with the two companies saying opportunities for expansion will be sought over the next six years within Xcel Energy’s service territories, which include Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas – pending regulatory approvals.

The charging solutions on offer include Ford Pro Charging hardware with available 48- and 80-amp chargers to enable overnight charging with Level 2 AC charging, Ford Pro Charging software for home, public and depot chargers as well as Fast Charger options in 180kW and 240kW.

“We know electrification can be complex for businesses,” said Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO. “We’re focused on helping them make that transition at the right time in the right way that’s best for their business. We know that may require new ways of working to encourage and support adoption.”

The two companies will analyze telematics data from vehicles participating in the 30×30 initiative so that they can promote the charging of commercial vehicles during off-peak times. This alleviates pressure on local grids and potentially saves money for the businesses involved.

Amanda Rome, Executive Vice President, Group President, Utilities & Chief Customer Officer at Xcel Energy said that the two companies were pioneering a new way to scale EV charging infrastructure enabled by both company’s existing profiles. “Ford Pro is a trusted provider in fleet electrification, scaling charging infrastructure for fleets with smart vehicle, charging and software solutions. And Xcel Energy is a trusted advisor in transportation electrification, providing energy, infrastructure and innovative solutions for customers’ homes, businesses and EVs,” she explained.


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