Renault rumoured to build EVs for Polestar in Euro

According to a Spanish media report, Renault could also build electric cars for Polestar in Europe in the future. Reportedly, Renault is examining the production of Polestar electric cars at its Spanish plant in Palencia for the European market.

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As La Tribuna de Automoción claims to have learned from insiders, production of an all-electric Polestar at Renault in Spain is set to start as early as 2025. Although a specific model is not mentioned in the report, it is said to be an “SUV body” – meaning that the large Polestar 3 SUV and the Polestar 4 SUV coupé could be considered.

There is already a relationship between the Geely-Volvo brand and Renault regarding the Polestar 4: Polestar recently confirmed that production of the Polestar 4 at the Chinese plant in Hangzhou Bay will be supplemented by contract manufacturing by Renault Korea Motors in Busan, South Korea. Production of the Polestar 3 is scheduled to start in Chengdu at the beginning of 2024 and will later be supplemented by further production at Volvo’s US plant in South Carolina.

In other words, Polestar has already identified one plant in China and one outside China for both models. Regardless of which model is ultimately built by Renault in Europe, a production site in Europe would be a logical step. This is because a European production site for Polestar would reduce the risk of possible protectionist measures by the EU following the anti-dumping investigation into electric cars from China.

However, Renault has denied to La Tribuna de Automoción that there are any such plans. The French company had previously denied an insider report a few weeks ago, which referred to a possible supply of Renault’s Spanish plants with battery cells from AESC from the factory in Navalmoral de la Mata. This suggests that Renault also wants to build purely electric cars in Valladolid and Palencia in the future – which has not yet been confirmed. In Palencia, Renault is building the Austral SUV and the fourth generation of the Mégane – the combustion model will continue to be offered, although the fifth generation of the Mégane built in France with a purely electric drive is already on the market.

Volvo Cars recently announced that it would no longer produce its EX30 electric model only in China, but also in Europe. However, this involves production at Volvo’s own plant in Ghent, Belgium. However, the EX30 – like the Polestar 4 – is based on the SEA from Geely.


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