DKV Mobility and Fleetcor integrate Tesla Supercharger

DKV Mobility customers now have access to over 10,000 Tesla Superchargers throughout Europe. And customers of the Travelcard charging card distributed in Germany by Fleetcor can now use it at all Tesla fast chargers in Germany.

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First, DKV Mobility: Supercharger locations, which are also open to vehicle brands other than Tesla, can be found via the ‘Charge your Non-Tesla’ section in the Tesla app or via the DKV Mobility app. The new service is made possible by the platform of DKV Mobility subsidiary GreenFlux, which is responsible for DKV Mobility’s entire charging offer.

The Supercharger connection is a software-only solution: EV drivers need to download the Tesla app and create a Tesla account. “In the Tesla account, DKV Mobility customers can store the DKV Card +Charge as their default payment method. To do this, they can enter their name and DKV Card +Charge number in their Tesla account. As soon as DKV Mobility has checked the process, the DKV Card +Charge is set as the default payment method for charging,” says DKV, describing the process.

Charging possible at all Supercharger types

In other words, customers must start the charging process via the Tesla app at approved Superchargers, but billing is not via a credit card, but via the DKV Mobility account stored. This means that the solution works at all locations approved by Tesla, including at Superchargers of the V2, V3 and V4 generations – only the new V4 is known to have a card terminal.

“Tesla’s Supercharger network will be seamlessly integrated into our existing charging network and can be used immediately by DKV Mobility customers,” says Sven Mehringer, Managing Director Energy & Vehicle Services at DKV Mobility. “By offering our customers access to Tesla Superchargers, we make them benefit from convenience, coverage, cost savings, faster charging and environmental sustainability.”

With the provider Fleetcor, the connection is also made via the payment method stored in the Tesla app. Fleetcor, which took over Plugsurfing in 2022, offers the so-called ‘Travelcard’ in Germany. Travelcard customers can now use the card to charge their e-cars at more than 180 German Supercharger locations with over 2,400 charging stations. Alongside the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany is one of the first countries in which Travelcard business customers will benefit from an expanded range of charging options thanks to the collaboration with Tesla.

In the coming months, Travelcard customers will receive “successive access to more than 10,000 Tesla Superchargers in 25 European countries as soon as the integration of the Tesla charging stations there into the Fleetcor network has been completed”. The process itself is similar to that of DKV Mobility: the Travelcard must be stored as a charging card in the Tesla app. For non-Tesla drivers, the charging process must be started via the Tesla app; for Teslas, simply plugging in the Supercharger cable is sufficient – in both cases, billing takes place via the stored Travelcard.

Regardless of the Superchargers, the Travelcard provides access to the Plugsurfing roaming network. The network currently comprises 550,000 charging points in 27 European countries.

However, neither DKV Mobility nor Fleetcor provided information on the charging prices charged at the Superchargers in their communications., (both Fleetcor in German)


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