Tesla wall boxes coming to Best Western hotels

Best Western Hotels has announced a collaboration with Tesla to provide chargers for electric cars at its properties across North America and beyond. BWH will begin deploying Tesla's Universal Wall Connector in the coming year.

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These Tesla chargers can charge any electric vehicle with an integrated adapter and expand the carmaker’s efforts to expand its charging business.

Just how far this new deal will carry remains to be seen. In its statement, Best Western does not disclose how many hotels it will equip with charging stations or how many per site. However, guests can filter hotel results on BWH’s website to those with Tesla charging stations.

According to Wikipedia, Best Western operates more than 2,000 hotels in North America and over 4,700 worldwide.

Michael Morton, Vice President of Brand Management and Member Services at BWH Hotels, said the collaboration would underscore the chain’s “unwavering commitment” to sustainability and considers EV charging an “important element for travellers”.

In September 2023, the Hilton Group announced it would install up to 20,000 Tesla chargers at 2,000 hotels in the USA, Canada, and Mexico starting from the beginning of 2024. While the collaboration between the hotel chain and the US EV maker dates back to 2015, Hilton wants to create “the largest overnight electric vehicle charging network in the hospitality industry”. Hilton plans to install at least six Tesla chargers at each selected hotel. On average, there will be ten chargers per location.

Tesla released its Universal Wall Connector for the North American market in mid-August. The wall box resembles a regular Tesla home or destination charger apart from the J1772 adapter. Otherwise, all specifications remain the same: The device has a power of 11.5 kW and comes with a cable that is about seven metres.


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14.12.2023 um 18:03
who knows what locations are first on the list to be installed

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