Gogoro and Uber Eats team up in Taiwan

Gogoro and Uber Eats Taiwan announced a scheme to help delivery drivers switch to electric scooters. The two-year deal is worth nearly 30 million dollars and funded by both partners. 

Image: Gogoro

Uber delivery drivers will receive discounts on Gogoro scooters and battery swapping programs and be given incentives for deliveries on e-scooters. The companies have not disclosed the discount value.

Uber Eats expects EV deliveries in Taiwan to double from nearly 20% to 40% of all trips through the program by the end of 2025. It could also have a significant impact.

“On average, last-mile delivery riders ride more than six times the distance as consumer riders, so enabling these delivery riders to adopt smart, sustainable electric transportation can have an accelerated impact on a city,” explained Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro. 

“Making it easy and affordable for delivery partners to switch to electric scooters is a top priority for Uber Eats in Taiwan,” said Chai Lee, Uber Eats Taiwan General Manager. “We have already seen how Uber Eats delivery partners have embraced Gogoro’s EV scooters and smart battery-swapping technology.”

The companies announced discounted pricing earlier this year. The deepening cooperation is expected to “supercharge this,” added Lee.

In its home market, Taiwan, the Gogoro Network supports nearly 600,000 riders and has more than 1.3 million batteries in circulation at 12,000 battery-swapping stations at over 2,500 locations. 

The company is also active in other, primarily Asian markets and reportedly just launched in India, also targeting the B2B sector around scooter deliveries and ride-hailing.

With more than 400,000 daily battery swaps and more than 510 million total battery swaps globally, Gogoro claims its system has saved more than 785,000 tons of CO2 since its launch in 2015.

While the scooter deal is unusual for Uber, the ride-hailing app runs multiple initiatives, mainly under Uber Green. These, too, are designed to ease the transition to electric vehicles for drivers worldwide. Uber drivers must buy their own cars; the company offers only connecting and digital services via its apps.



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