CATL to supply Caetano with dedicated e-bus batteries

The Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus has commissioned CATL to supply batteries specially adapted for e-buses. These are cells with LFP chemistry in a cell-to-pack design.

Image: CaetanoBus

Cell-to-pack means that the batteries do not require individual modules. By removing the conventional module parts, CATL’s CTP technology increases the battery energy density by 10% to 15%, utilising the bus payload and making it perfect for city and airport transportation, write the partners.

CaetanoBus plans to use them in city buses and airport shuttles under the Cobus brand. The airport transport shall become 100% zero emission in several years, according to Caetano, who runs the service as e.Cobus, a fully electric bus for exclusive use at airports.

The company will start implementing CATL’s batteries in the coming months. The partners have not disclosed the order volume but seem to envision long-term.

“Developing a comprehensive network with diversified commercial vehicle OEMs globally is crucial to our business sector,” said Akin Li, executive president of CATL. “More importantly, we are pleased to get together with CaetanoBus to pave the way for responsible and sustainable city and airport transportation.”

CaetanoBus emphasises the exceptionally long service life and thermal robustness of LFP batteries at up to 800 ℃ and temperature adaptability from -35 ℃ to 65℃. The company expects to be able to develop a wide range of emission-free buses on this basis.

CaetanoBus is part of Toyota Caetano Portugal and Mitsui & Co. and has been developing electrified solutions since 2010. In 2021, it co-branded with Toyota and was the first company in Europe to integrate its fuel cell technology into a bus.

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