Revo Zero’s hydrogen-electric SUV available for pre-order in the US

The US electric vehicle startup Revo Zero has opened the order books for pre-orders of its SUV called Energy. The vehicle uses both a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric battery. It is not clear when the car will hit the road or what the final price will be.

Image: Revo Zero

What is known is that the 3-row SUV will have a range of 700 miles (about 1127 kilometres). According to Revo Zero, that makes it the “longest EV range in the market.” The vehicle can be pre-ordered for a refundable deposit of 500 dollars.

Because the car is fitted with a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric battery, it can be charged at home like any other EV. When filled at the H2 filling station, the fuel cell acts like an onboard charger. Revo Zero calls this the ‘plug-in Fuel Cell Technology’ module, or pFC Technology.

The carmaker does not specify battery capacity or range if the car is charged at the EV charger.

Overall, Revo Zero has yet to publish any specs about its SUV other than that it has room for six people, a “configurable large cargo space,” is 508 centimetres long, and has the above-mentioned range of up to 700 miles.

On top of the Energy SUV, the US startup also plans to release a sportscar named Electron and a crossover called Ride. Both vehicles will use pFC Technology – which the company imagines could also work for aviation. (pre-oder), (specs),,

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about „Revo Zero’s hydrogen-electric SUV available for pre-order in the US“
BEV Owner
10.01.2024 um 09:18
Oversized, overweight, much less efficient than BEVs, more polluting since nearly zero green H2 available, more complex, transporting H2 is costly and dangerous, and the cost of H2 is nearly $20 per gas gallon equivalent. The only positive is faster refueling, but that advantage is eroding rapidly with 800V architecture and faster BEV charging. FCEVs are still a last gasp by fossil fuel industries to maintain their death grip on transportation.

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