Hamburg mayor gives up electric company car due to insufficient range

Hamburg's mayor Peter Tschentscher is swapping his fully electric company car for a plug-in hybrid. According to a media report, this is because the range in cold weather is so low that it is not enough for a trip to Berlin and back.

Image: Mercedes Benz

According to German media reports, the Mercedes EQE 500 used by Peter Tschentscher for around a year is to be replaced by a plug-in hybrid from the same manufacturer. With its 90-kWh battery, the EQE 500 has a WLTP range of up to 590 kilometres. From Hamburg City Hall to the Federal Chancellery, it is 566 kilometres there and back, which won’t work well in winter. Why Tschentscher’s chauffeur does not simply use a fast charger during his boss’s appointments is not known.


about „Hamburg mayor gives up electric company car due to insufficient range“
19.01.2024 um 16:23
He could also take the train from Hamburg to Berlin.
22.01.2024 um 14:03
I just looked, it’s an 8 min walk from Berlin station to the chancellery! Train ride is under 2 h for 280+km. Why would you drive/be driven?
22.01.2024 um 14:46
Herr Tschentscher ist nicht so klug, jah?

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