Wagoneer S will be the first all-electric Jeep

With the Avenger, Jeep already has an electric model on offer, but the electric version is only available in Europe (alongside petrol and hybrid models). Stellantis has now given an initial preview of the first all-electric model, which will also be available worldwide.

Image: Jeep

The Jeep Wagoneer S is set to go on sale from fall 2024, first in the USA and then in many markets around the world. In contrast to the Jeep Avenger, which will also be offered in Europe as a hybrid and pure combustion engine in addition to the all-electric version, the Wagoneer S will be launched exclusively as a BEV.

However, there is not yet much information about the electric Wagoneer. Jeep’s first details include an all-wheel drive with up to 441 kW of power (equivalent to 600 hp) and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in around 3.5 seconds. Stellantis does not specify in the press release how many engines will be used to implement the electric all-wheel drive or the platform on which the Wagoneer S will be based. However, the STLA Large is considered likely. This is because there were reports some time ago that the Wagoneer S would be the new Jeep flagship for the electric age. The STLA Medium (and Small anyway) are therefore no longer available; the STLA Frame for electric pickup trucks, electric transporters and possibly also electric off-road vehicles is not due to make its debut until 2026.

However, the all-wheel drive in the Wagoneer S is not only intended to score points with its performance and acceleration, but also with a certain off-road capability. Jeep states that the “standard 4xe capability with all-terrain management, advanced Jeep brand-focused technology and impressive performance credentials”. And further: “The new Jeep Wagoneer S is part of the Jeep brand’s ongoing global electrification initiative, transforming 4xe technology into the new 4×4.” Stellantis appears to be confident of its new offering.

However, there are currently no further details on the technology. The STLA Large is an 800-volt platform. Batteries between 101 and 118 kWh are planned for the platform and its correspondingly large models – such large energy storage systems are better charged with 800 volts instead of 400 volts, although the higher voltage is of course not an end in itself. A maximum charging capacity of 200 kW (with 400 volts at 500 amps) for such large and expensive cars is not what customers want either.

Stellantis has previously stated a maximum range of up to 800 kilometres for the STLA Large. However, this is more likely to apply to flat and aerodynamic saloons, not to the Jeep Wagoneer S with its steep and high front. The press release states that the “sleek exterior design” is “driven by aerodynamic efficiency”. However, the teaser image published by Jeep still suggests a massive and steep front end. The brand-typical grille with its seven slits also remains, but has been reinterpreted due to a lack of cooling requirements.


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EV since2012
23.01.2024 um 09:17
With all Stellantis’ BEV product line cancellations, this is vaporware, until something REAL finally appears.

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