Quantron delivers 14 FC vehicles to England

Quantron is participating in a project in which fleets of fuel cell lorries will be deployed for the first time in the Tees Valley region of northern England starting in 2025. According to the company, it is the UK's first large-scale deployment of fuel cell lorries.

Image: Quantron

The project comprises at least 20 fuel cell vehicles and the development of a strategically located hydrogen refuelling station. Quantron will provide 14 of these vehicles for the project: twelve QLI FCEV vans and two QHM FCEV heavy goods vehicles. There will also be a première: Quantron says it “will be the first Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) supplier for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles and trucks.”

The Quantron announcement also mentions Electra Commercial Vehicles as another manufacturer of fuel cell vehicles involved in the project – so it stands to reason that Electra will contribute the remaining six FC vehicles. Quantron is also cooperating with the British company Novuna Vehicle Solutions, a vehicle leasing and fleet management provider.

The energy company Exolum is responsible for the “strategically located hydrogen refuelling station in the Tees Valley.” The refuelling station will “produce green hydrogen through an advanced electrolysis process, providing a readily available and accessible refuelling solution for the deployed trucks and other vehicles.”

The project has a total budget of seven million pounds, which is currently the equivalent of 8.2 million euros. According to Quantron, the project is being funded by the UK Department for Transport and carried out in partnership with Innovate UK. Novuna alone has received £2.1 million in funding.

“We are proud to be a part of this initiative. Bringing our innovative ‘Quantron Inside’ technology to the UK marks a significant step forward in our global strategy and we are delighted to do this in collaboration with our partner Novuna,” said Andreas Haller, CEO and founder of Quantron. “These vehicles will be the very first RHD Fuel Cell trucks with the Quantron badge on the grille, and they will be the first of their kind to open international RHD markets for us.”



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