Nova Bus signs delivery deal with Canadian city of Regina

The Volvo subsidiary Nova Bus has won a five-year contract for 53 electric buses from the City of Regina, Canada. The first seven units have already been firmly ordered.

Image: Nova Bus

The deal is for the LFSe+, Nova Bus’ 40-foot (12.19m) long-range battery electric bus model. The first seven units will hit the road in 2025, while there is an option for an additional 46 buses for the remainder of the contract.

According to Nova Bus, the electric model is available with four or six batteries, with a maximum capacity of up to 564 kWh. The motor, the HDS 200, comes from BAE Systems, which has been working with Nova Bus for over a decade. It has a rated power of 200 kW and a torque of 5,200 Nm.

If the bus only has four batteries, it has room for about 68 passengers, including 41 seats and up to 27 standees. The six-batteries-version has less room to stand in and can transport up to 59 passengers. The company’s statement does not mention which variant it will deliver to the City of Regina.

The LFSe+ model comes with a dual charging option. That means the bus can be charged overhead with a maximum power of 450 kW, as well as via CCS (Type 1) with a maximum of 150 kW. According to the specifications, overhead charging can thus provide a 35 kWh boost in six minutes. A full charge (overhead or via cable) takes less than 3 hours and 15 minutes. Neither party has stated what type of charging infrastructure the Canadian town will install.

The Nova Buses will be the first battery-electric units for the city’s public transport fleet. Regina, located in the southern Canadian province of Saskatchewan, announced that starting this year, it would only purchase battery-electric buses. The goal is to gradually replace its current fleet with zero-emission alternatives by 2040.

“We are proud to have accompanied Regina Transit in its transition to electromobility, first with our hybrid bus model and now with the all-electric LFSe+,” says Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus. “We strongly believe transit agencies and cities such as Regina are paving the way for the success of this important transition to clean transportation, which will support our collective efforts to reduce GHG emissions.” (announcement), (specs, PDF)


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