Paris introduces more expensive SUV parking tariff for heavy vehicles

In Paris, parking fees for heavy vehicles will be tripled from September. The new rule only applies to vehicles belonging to visitors, but affects all drive systems. Drivers of purely electric cars weighing more than two tonnes will also have to pay extra.

Image: unsplash/Connor Houtman

The Paris city government announced back in November that it wanted to increase parking fees for heavy cars and make the city less attractive for large SUVs in particular. However, as it can be difficult to differentiate between SUVs and other models, the parking fees are to be calculated based on vehicle weight.

This weekend, the citizens of the French capital were able to vote on this proposal: Of the 1,374,532 people registered on the Paris electoral lists, 78,121 took part in the vote and of these, 54.55 per cent voted in favour of introducing a specific parking tariff for heavy cars. In other words, a narrow majority. Although only 5.7 per cent of the electorate took part in the referendum, the proposal has been accepted.

Only visitors are to pay the special rate. Residents will be exempt from the increased rates, as will tradesmen and care services. The new regulations will apply to combustion and hybrid models weighing 1.6 tonnes or more and electric models weighing two tonnes or more. From 1 September, parking fees for these vehicles will rise from 6 to 18 euros per hour in the centre of Paris and from 4 to 12 euros per hour in the outer districts.

To determine the weight, the licence plates linked to the model and weight are to be scanned. “We’re proud of having posed an eminently environmental question at a time the environment is presented as the source of all evil,” said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo after the results were published. “It’s a form of resistance here in Paris to this very concerning movement.” Under Hidalgo, the pressure on car drivers in the French capital has been increased for years by raising parking fees, gradually banning diesel vehicles and at the same time expanding the cycle path network.

The Paris city council has already banned electric rental scooters from the city’s streets last year, also in response to a vote by citizens. (in French)


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Doug Robertson
06.02.2024 um 09:34
Glad the French are punishing very heavy SUV type BEVs belonging to the super-rich and not us mere mortals with sensible lighter BEVs.
06.02.2024 um 10:42
It is not yet 100% certain that this will happen, as the city council of Paris still need to discuss this in May. The mayor hopes that it will start 1st September, but in France things like this can still always change e.g. that exception will be made for electric vehicles.

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