New Mercedes-Benz eSprinter launches in the US

Mercedes-Benz is bringing the new eSprinter to the US. The new electric transporter will initially launched there as a panel van with the large 113 kWh battery at prices starting from 71,866 dollars or 998 dollars per month for leasing.

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In Europe, the model is available from 59,990 euros net – albeit with the small 56 kWh battery. In the press release on the market launch in the USA and Canada, Mercedes-Benz Vans leaves it open whether or not it will offer other versions of the eSprinter there. “At market launch in North America, the eSprinter will be available as a 170-inch wheelbase cargo van with a high roof equipped with a 113 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery (usable capacity),” the carmaker states and that it is “the largest battery available.” It is unclear whether Mercedes will offer the 56 and 81 kWh batteries in North America later or if these are only destined for the European market.

On the other hand, the Stuttgart-based company writes that “the front module contains all high-voltage components and can be combined with all variants regardless of wheelbase and battery size.” That sounds like it will expand the North American range – and not just in terms of the battery.

In terms of technology, however, there are no differences between the European and US models. The revised eSprinter is based on a new concept consisting of three modules: The front module, the underbody with a high-voltage battery and the rear module. The rear module houses the electric motor. It is available in two power levels, 100 or 150 kW peak, and offers a torque of up to 400 Nm. The battery cells use LFP chemistry, which means they are free from cobalt and nickel.

However, only the high-roof panel van will be available in North America (for now), offering a maximum load volume of up to 14 cubic metres (488 cubic feet) with a gross vehicle weight of up to 4.25 tonnes (9,370 lbs). According to the manufacturer, “the rear-wheel-drive eSprinter is as practical as any of its siblings with internal combustion engines.”

Motor 100kW / 150 kW 100kW / 150 kW 100kW / 150 kW
Torque Up to 400 Nm Up to 400 Nm Up to 400 Nm
Battery Capacity 56 kWh 81 kWh 113 kWh
Range (WTLP) 220 km 310 km 440 km
AC charging 11 kW 11 kW 11 kW
AC charging time 5:30 h 8:00 h 11:00 h
DC charging 115 kW 115 kW 115 kW
KDC charging time 28 min 32 min 41 min
Top speed 120 kph 120 kph 120 kph
max. payload 5 t 5 t 5 t
Towing capacity 2 t 2 t 2 t

However, one difference between the eSprinter for Europe and the eSprinter is the production location. In Europe, the model is built in Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde near Berlin. The North American version comes from the Mercedes-Benz van plant in North Charleston, South Carolina/USA. The model’s modular concept “allows for maximum synergies in production and therefore corresponding economies of scale” – even though it is built on two continents.


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