Taiwan could get parking structure with V2G capabilities

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) specialist Nuvve could launch the first V2G hub project in Taiwan in collaboration with Taiwanese energy solutions provider e-Formula. The project would be realised in the northwest of the country.

Image: Nuvve

As part of the project, Nuvve would install unidirectional and bidirectional charging stations ranging from 11kW to 150kW. The company would serve as technical project manager and service provider for the project, while e-Formula would take on the role of project lead.

According to Nuvve, the final deal could be signed as early as March. Taiwan Power Company (TPC) has allocated land for a potential “state-of-the-art smart parking structure” in Zhongxiao Road, Hsinchu, in northwestern Taiwan. It will have room for 325 parking spaces equipped with unidirectional and bidirectional charging stations.

“This project is not just a milestone for Nuvve and e-Formula but a leap forward for Taiwan’s EV infrastructure,2 says Gregory Poilasne, CEO of Nuvve. “Our GIVe platform stands at the heart of this endeavor, showcasing the immense potential of V2G technology in revolutionizing energy management and EV integration. We are eager to work together in support of the important efforts already underway in Taiwan to combat air pollution.”

The GIVe platform is used to manage chargers (bidirectional and unidirectional), as well as connected solar energy and stationary energy storage systems. Once the deal is signed, the project will span over 20 years. There is no information on a possible timetable for construction or commissioning of the project yet.



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