Zeekr lowers prices in Europe for its electric SUV

Geely's EV subsidiary Zeekr has lowered the price of the Zeekr X in the European launch markets. However, not as much as some of its Chinese competitors. The manufacturer also wants to attract new European customers with a special promotion until the end of April.

Image: Zeekr

Zeekr is currently present in the Netherlands and Sweden. Zeekr had announced the start of deliveries in Germany for the beginning of 2024, but the starting signal has not yet been given. Under pressure from competitor’s falling prices, the Geely subsidiary is now also making its Zeekr X cheaper in its European debut markets.

In the Netherlands, Zeekr reduced the base price for the model from 44,990 euros to 42,490 euros and in Sweden from 550,000 to 529,000 crowns (converted from around 48,800 to 46,900 euros). The base prices in Germany are 44,990 euros for the Zeekr X and 59,900 euros for the Zeekr 001. The Zeekr press release does not mention a reduction in these prices.

To this end, the brand is announcing a promotion called ’10+10+10′ for new European customers until the end of April. This includes a warranty, free service and full connectivity for a period of ten years. The sales campaign goes hand in hand with Zeekr’s ambition to expand its presence to most countries in Western Europe by 2026.

Many manufacturers are currently lowering their prices, as subsidies are steadily sinking in many countries. For most manufacturers, these were or are temporary discount campaigns, but Tesla and BYD have lowered their list prices. And BYD has followed up with an additional discount campaign, with Great Wall recently following suit. Both Chinese manufacturers are offering five-figure discounts.

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