JLR slows down electric car ambitions

Regarding the roll-out of electric vehicles, JLR is stepping on the brakes. The carmaker also announced that it will launch more plug-in hybrids, saying that the demand for pure EVs has cooled down.

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In 2021, JLR announced its intention to launch six fully electric Land Rover models by 2026. The Land Rover brand name is no longer used. Now, the British car manufacturer, which is part of the Indian Tata Group, is revising its roadmap and only wants to launch four BEVs by 2026. This was reported by Automotive News, citing Adrian Mardell. Instead, JLR intends to focus more on plug-in hybrids as part of the change of course. The company’s CEO justifies this with the increased customer acceptance of plug-in hybrids.

“We are a little bit slower than we said three years ago,” Mardell is quoted by Automotive News. “We are taking our time to make sure that we put the best vehicles we have ever developed into the marketplace.”

The four battery-electric models that will launch by 2026 include the Range Rover Electric SUV and the electric Range Rover Sport. Both are based on the MLA platform, which supports combustion engines, hybrids and battery-electric drives. Technical data for a BEV model based on this platform is not yet known. However, JLR will probably publish details soon, as the electric SUV will launch this year.

The following two all-electric vehicles will then be smaller and based on the future 800-volt EMA (Electrified Modular Architecture) platform from JLR. The company also plans to launch two all-electric Jaguar models by 2026.

Mardell does not elaborate on the plan to offer more plug-in hybrids. However, JLR increased sales of plug-in hybrids in Europe more than any other car manufacturer in 2023. According to Dataforce, PHEV sales rose by 68 per cent to 45,224 units last year. The acceptance of PHEVs has been quite a surprise, says Mardell. And: “We are working hard in the interim time to make more PHEVs available to the marketplace.”



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