Vattenfall to invest €100 million per year in Germany

Vattenfall says it will spend half a billion euros on expanding charging infrastructure in Germany by 2028. The Swedish energy company focuses on the private, commercial, and semi-public markets.

Image: Lufthansa

Vattenfall plans to invest around 100 million euros per year in the construction of charging infrastructure in Germany by 2028, Fabian Hagmann, Vattenfall’s Vice President for electric mobility, told the German Tagesspiegel Background. Hagmann is responsible for the Group’s eMobility division in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Vattenfall plans to invest 150 million euros per year in all three markets. That means 750 million euros by 2028. Germany will account for two-thirds of that. “Based on our experience in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, we are now intensively tackling the German market,” says Hagmann.

Public fast charging will not be part of the programme. Vattenfall will not be installing chargers on motorways. The focus is on the private and B2B sectors. Vattenfall already has major customers under contract with Lufthansa, Coca-Cola and housing companies in the latter field. According to the report, Vattenfall also wants to focus more on expanding charging stations for so-called location partners, i.e. supermarkets, car parks or hotels.

According to Vattenfall, it currently operates around 52,000 charging points in the three countries mentioned. Germany is by far the smallest market, with around 2,000 charging points. There are approximately 30,000 EV charging points in the Netherlands and 20,000 in Sweden. (in German)


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