Kempower wants to integrate battery storage systems from Polarium

Finnish charging infrastructure specialist Kempower is cooperating with the Swedish energy storage manufacturer Polarium to integrate its battery systems into its DC charging solutions. It should enable Kempower's fast chargers to provide more power, especially for electric lorries, without the need for costly grid upgrades.

Image: Kempower

Kempower uses an architecture for its DC charging solutions for electric cars and trucks in which the control cabinets with power electronics, cooling, etc., are installed separately from the actual (and then very slim) charging points. Unlike some car charging points with integrated storage, the charging points will not show whether a battery storage system is installed.

However, the advantages are similar: with a battery buffer storage system continuously recharged from the grid, higher charging capacities are possible at the charging park than the grid connection would allow because additional power can be provided from the battery at short notice. That applies to individual fast-chargers for electric cars that do not require a medium-voltage connection but also to more powerful truck charging stations.

According to Kempower, the “existing grid constraints” pose considerable challenges to meeting future charging requirements. “This partnership aims to bridge this gap by integrating Polarium Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with Kempower’s charging solutions, providing reliable and sustainable power distribution while minimizing peak loads and optimizing energy consumption,” says Kempower.

The press release does not mention specific data on a Kempower charging station with Polarium energy storage. It refers to the general advantages, i.e., charging more vehicles without expanding the grid. A preview of the first joint products (including the size of the storage systems) could be provided in the coming week: At the “KEY – The Energy Transition Expo” in Rimini, Italy, Kempower and Polarium plan to present “their latest innovations” from 28 February.

“By merging our expertise in BESS with Kempower’s innovative charging infrastructure, we’re positioned to overcome Europe’s grid limitations,” says Håkan Tezcanli, Key Account Manager at Polarium. “Through this collaboration, we’re integrating cutting-edge energy storage solutions into EV charging infrastructure, ensuring Kempower’s customers receive optimal charging experiences.”

“No matter the route or distance, power supply is key when making DC fast charging a reality, especially for trucks,” says Jussi Vanhanen, Chief Market Officer at Kempower. “With Polarium’s support, we can ensure that our charging infrastructure meets current and future energy demands, supporting the roll-out of EVs as constant connectivity is crucial for everything to run smoothly. In simple terms, without energy storage support, the grids are not strong enough to handle the high-power charging needs.”

Kempower will not only charge electric trucks in the future, but also electric racing cars. The Finns will become the official charging infrastructure partner of the electric off-road racing series Extreme E. In addition to the marketing effect of the partnership, Kempower also wants to use the Extreme E events to test and develop its charging solutions in remote and demanding environments. (Polarium), (Extreme E)


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