Battery swapping partnership for LEVs emerges in India

Quantum Energy, an Indian e-scooter provider, has partnered with Battery Smart, the country's largest battery-swapping network for LEVs. It is also largely unknown outside India since it focuses on electric two- and three-wheelers.

Image: Quantum Energy

The numbers are nonetheless impressive enough. Battery Smart claims to have managed over 30 million battery swaps at nearly a thousand stations serving about 55,000 EV drivers. The company installed the first swapping hub in 2020 and works with battery manufacturers, OEMs, drivers, and fleets for an ecosystem now comprising 25 cities (unnamed).

The Battery Smart business model is based on partnerships or partners since a single person can sign up to install and run a battery swapping station with a minimum of ten batteries and a signup fee. Drivers can find the swapping option via an app.

The company does not list compatible vehicles, but this is where Quantum Energy comes in. The company is an Indian e-scooter business that apparently switched to Battery Smart power packs.

Quantum adds that the battery-as-a-service model eliminates worries about battery replacement costs and reduces the total amount of owning a Quantum Electric scooter.

“By enabling easy battery swapping for our commercial fleet customers, we can reduce their EV ownership costs and give them the confidence to scale their electric fleets across India,” said Chetana C., the company’s director.” Our partnership with Battery Smart supports our vision to accelerate the transition to electric last-mile transportation.”

Quantum claims to have deployed around 2,000 electric two-wheelers. It lists AIMA China and MBI Korea as technical collaborators and runs four product lines: Plasma, Milan, Elektron, and Bziness/ Bziness Pro.,,


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