Dinobus provides electric shuttle buses for airports

Dinobus aims to provide emission-free airport transport solutions. The company's 14-metre Dinobus Pure Electric Airport Bus has a maximum speed of 60 kph. According to the manufacturer, the shuttle can go 150 kilometres between charges.

Image: Dinobus

It is fitted with 210 kWh LFP battery pack from CATL. The shuttle bus is roughly three metres wide and 3.4 metres high. It has eight passenger seats and room for a wheelchair. In total, the bus can transport 87 to 120 people at a time.

According to Dinobus, its apron bus is more lightweight than other EVs in its class. “With their light monocoque frames, the buses are more agile, providing greater performance, but more importantly, they are lighter,” the company writes in its press release. “This energy efficiency is carried over to other parts of the bus’s design, with the lightweight design of the motors, batteries and interior and exterior trims helping to reduce overall weight.”

It is not clear whether the company provides it own infrastructure. In its statement, Dinobus writes that it incorporates “solar energy into its charging stations.” But there is no further mention of the type of charging. Dinobus is already providing shuttles to Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport.

According to its website, the company “has a rich 39-year heritage supporting airport ground handling teams.” It is part of Avia Solutions Group, which provides capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide.

“By emphasizing innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility, Dinobus is seeking to play a vital role in the ground handling industry’s journey towards a greener future,” says Giedrius Lelevicius, the Business Development Manager at Dinobus. “We believe in the technology under the hood of our buses, and that is why we are offering a bold 8-year battery warranty.”

Tomas Puodziunas, Global Sales Manager of Dinobus adds: “We are in the business of exploring opportunities for growth. With our strong innovation mindset, we’re committed to delivering solutions that meet the needs of a changing industry.”

Infos per Mail, dinobus.eu


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